graduation of S1 biology students graduation period 167 into the phenomenal category. A team achievement with a different atmosphere from the previous pattern. Some phenomenal things that are enough to be an indicator of increasing graduation services include :

1. Information System Support with the update of the UNDIP ready feature integrated with the receivables application. One of the impacts is the detection of student academic problems with student administrative status. This condition causes students to be encouraged to complete their studies immediately.

2. The team of lecturers / final examiners gets an extra task to serve students who are eager to graduate quickly, but the aspect of graduate quality becomes a challenge and the dynamics of the related lecturer team. In the position of the semester change period (even to odd) lecturer activities are very dense agenda, supervisor / Examiner TA also still have to serve students who hope to graduate soon. Appreciation and gratitude are especially conveyed to the lecturers who have worked hard in providing the best service for biology students.

3. Biology students of the first batch of IUP (International Undergraduate Program) have successfully graduated on time (less than 4 years) on behalf of Lita Mustika. Hopefully soon followed by other IUP students.

4. VIII semester students began to show an increase in their graduation rate on time (more and more). over the past few years due to the pandemic tends to decrease and decrease. Hopefully this condition bodes well for the next.

The leaders and managers of the Biology Department expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the cooperation and hard work of the lecturers in carrying out the task of serving biology students as well as possible. May Allah SWT give blessings and blessings to all of us..Aamiin.

Congratulations and success to all biology students who passed and successfully participated in the 167th Diponegoro University graduation. Hopefully biological science is useful for society and is growing. Indeed, the role of biology graduates of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University is highly anticipated for the progress of the nation and state. Good luck in the community and stay excited to fill this life. Greetings success.