Learning Outcomes

A. Attitude :

  1. Apply the values ​​of Pancasila, morals, ethics, respect others and obey the law.
  2. Sensitive to surrounding problems and play an active role in society.
  3. Disciplined and responsible.

B. Generic Skill :

  1. Have critical, systematical, creative and innovative thinking.
  2. Have leadership and communicative skills.
  3. Have the ability to keep up with recent technologies.
  4. Able to work independently as well as together in teams.

C. Specific Skill :

  1. Acquiring the basic knowledge of biology, molecules, cells, and organisms relevant to mathematics and natural sciences
  2. Acquiring methodological competence in Life Sciences, including handling organisms, carrying out independent practical work in the laboratory and in the field, and being able to apply these skills to other contexts,
  3. Having an understanding of safety and environmental issues, associated fundamental law, and management of sustainable environment.
  4. Being able to identify and develop the potency of biodiversity for human prosperity using recent technology.
  5. Acquiring a good level of knowledge in at least one special area of Life Sciences.
  6. Being able to recognize specific Life Sciences problems and then formulate solutions and present results.

D. Knowledge :

  1. Mastering basic biology and biotechnology, and knowing how to apply and develop it.
  2. Knowing how to implement and develop the potential of biodiversity in a sustainable manner.
  3. Knowing how to use of the latest technology


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