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Administrative services for Practical Work for students of the Biology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, please click the following link:

NoStagesForm (Please click to download)DescriptionOutput/ Results obtained
Determination of KP Research Fields

(a.) If the student has taken the KP course at SIAP, please confirm the KP Coordinator (contact please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology) or meet the KP Coordinator of the Department of Biology
Contacting the Biology Department Practical Work CoordinatorThe name of the student and the Research Field are registered in the Biology Department KP Guidance data (See number 2)

(b.) If students have NOT taken/filled out the KP course at SIAP, please contact the Head of the Lab according to their field and students ask for directions if they urgently need a Definitive Advisory Lecturers.
Students ask for directions from the head of the laboratory regarding the Definitive Advisor (Managed by the head of the laboratory)If the student has filled in the KP at IRS READY in the next semester, please follow point (a.) above
Ensure the names of students participating in the practical work course are registered in the Biology Department's Practical Work Guidance Data
Please check on the following link KLIKThe data available on this link is based on data from participants in the Practical Work (KP) course at SIAP.

Students who will do KP Research earlier (Have not taken KP courses at IRS SIAP) still have to confirm to the Head of the Laboratory according to step number 1 above.
Determination of Advisory Lecturers
Meet directly with the Head of the relevant Laboratory or contact via WA link
(It is recommended to click the WA link using Handphone)
1. Ecology & Biosystematics Laboratory (Rully Rahadian, M.Si, Ph.D)
WA link

2. BSFH Laboratory (Dr. Sri Isdadiyanto, M.Si) WA link

3. BSFT Laboratory (Dr. Endang Saptiningsih, M.Si) WA link

4. Biotechnology Laboratory (Dr. Susiana Purwantisari, M.Si) WA Link
Students are registered as KP Participants along with the name of the Advisory Lecturers in the data

Please confirm the name of the supervisor in the link KLIK
4Administration of KP Advisory Lecturer AppointmentKP 1KP 1 form is used to process the appointment of a Advisory Lecturer (please attach Supporting Academic Information Data)The download form is filled out and processed by students

Especially during EMERGENCY conditions (Holiday due to the Covid-19 Pandemic) the signature by the lecturer of the form is sent to the Secretariat of the Department of Biology (email:
5Guidance processKP 2Guidance Card (Prepared from the beginning of the Proposal guidance process)The download form is filled out and processed by students
6Research ImplementationLog BookThis log book is filled with complete research notes to help analyze research dataThe download form is filled out and processed by students
The process of permission the use of facilities in the laboratory (according to the mechanism of the laboratory)If the Research is carried out in a Biology Laboratory (Internal)
(Filling in the form must be typed)
If the research is carried out at an Undip External Agency, Steps:
(1) Manage a cover letter from FSM (please download form AK.015)
(2) Confirmation to the intended agency (requesting a statement/reply to a cover letter from FSM)
(3) Certificate/reply from the agency sent to the Department of Biology
(4) Carry out Research activities by following the procedures applicable in the agency.
The download form is filled out and processed by students

Especially for online services due to an emergency (pandemic etc.) please process the signature online at the link: the Advisor (from the Agency) requires a Decree Advisory Decree Information for Research Data Collection Letter (Please fill in the link), after filling in the link please confirm to the secretariat of the Department of Biology
Information on Research Letters from the Secretariat of the Department of Biology
Practical Work Exam (Prepared a few days before the implementation of the Practical Work Exam)
3 days before the exam, KP's draft must have been received by the lecturerDraft Proposal
DownloadInvitation The download form is filled out and processed by students

KRS Archives (signed by Lecturer Guardian)
KRS / IRS print

Guidance Card
Pay attention to point number 2 above
KP 3Practical Work Exam Assessment SheetThe download form is filled out and processed by students
DownloadSuggestion sheet
Especially online Practical Work exam, please adjust the guideCircular letter of the Department of Biology regarding the Implementation of the Practical Work Exam online klikEspecially online Practical Work exam
8Practical Work ReportPANDUAN ILMIAHBiology Student Scientific Writing Guide

The signature of the Practical Work Report starting December 24, 2021, is requested directly to the relevant Lecturer.

Digital Report signatures before December 23, 2021 have been processed and recognized as valid.
Students contact the relevant Lecturer to ask for a signature directly.
Information for Collecting Practical Work Reports silahkan klik

Biology S1 Study Program students who take a series of Practical Work are required to process the administrative requirements as listed in the link above. For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology (Working Hours). Hopefully useful and success always.




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