Biology Final Project and Graduation Form

Administrative services for the purposes of the Final Project and Graduation for students of the Biology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, please click the link as needed in the following table:

NoStagesOnline Only
1Appointment of Advisors & Final ExaminersStudents Fill out the Guardian Lecturer recommendation form for the appointment of Advisor & Final Examiners Klik

The student confirms to the Guardian Lecturer and submits a request for the guardian lecturer to send data to the Head of the Laboratory according to the field of interest that is filled in on the link.
Students confirm to the Head of the Laboratory via the following WA link:

1. Head of Ecology & Biosystematics Laboratory klik

2. Head of BSFH Laboratorium Laboratory klik

3. Head of BSFT Laboratory klik

4. Head of Biotechnology Laboratory Klik
Students check the guidance data in

If the list of links does not appear, the names of the Advisor and Final Project Examiners must communicate with the Head of the Laboratory.

The data of the Final Project Advisor/Examiner on the link becomes the basis for the Final Project Guidance process at SIAP.

Final Project guidance technical guide on SIAP please study klik
2Scientific Writing Guidelines (Proposals and Reports)

Please save it and use it as a reference for writing a Proposal or Final Project report
Proposal Seminar (Prepared a week before the Proposal Seminar Exam)
Technical Examination Seminar Proposals, please follow the following Circular klik
4Research Implementation1. Fill in
Log Book

This log book is filled with complete research notes to help analyze research data
Guidance activities with lecturers are reported on SIAP (Valid as a substitute for guidance cards).

Please study the guidance mechanism section on SIAP klik
If the research is carried out in the Biology Laboratory (Internal), the process of permitting the use of facilities in the Laboratory (According to the Laboratory mechanism). Please contact the Head of Laboratory and Laboratory Technician.

Follow the applicable regulations. Please learn it klik
For students who do internships / work in agenciesIf the research is carried out at an Undip Outside Agency, Steps:

(1) Manage cover letter from FSM (please process form AK.015 DOWNLOAD), If you need an online signature, please fill out form AK.015, complete with the applicant's student signature, then upload it on the link

(2) Confirmation to the intended agency (requesting a statement/reply to a cover letter from FSM)
(3) Certificate/reply from the agency sent to the Department of Biology
(4) Carry out Research activities by following the procedures applicable in the agency.
Only for students who need a permit to take data without Internship/Work in AgenciesApplication for Research Data Collection Letter (Specially for students who ONLY TAKE DATA WITHOUT Internship/Work in Agencies), Please fill out the link:

After filling in the link, please confirm with the secretariat of the Department of Biology:
If the Advisor (from the Agency) requires a Decision Letter, please process it via the link
Research Results Seminar (Prepared a week before the Research Results Seminar/SHP Examination)
Technical Examination of the Research Results Seminar (SHP) please follow the following Circular klik
6Publication (Articles published in Biology internal journals and external journals continue to process this stage)Students can compile articles to be published in the Journal since the SHP or after the Final Assignment Examination (according to the direction of the Advisor).

Please fill in the data on the link

After filling in the data on the link, please confirm WA to the following link: (Especially for publications outside the Biology journal, at the time of confirmation, it is mandatory to add information to the WA of the article submitted in the destination journal).

Students who publish in Journals within the Department of Biology (BIOMA, ANFIS, JBT, JAB, Biotechnology, NICHE) must bring a cover letter that can be confirmed to the Secretariat of the Department of Biology.
7Library Free

(Free Borrowing / Dependent at the Department of Biology)
Students fill in the data on the link

After filling out the link, please monitor the validation at the link:

If all laboratories have declared "free", please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology.
8Transcript ValidationPlease validate your transcript by filling out the following form:

After the Transcript Validation Team (Officer) processes the student's Transcript of Values ​​data, students will automatically receive an email report on the results of the Course Evaluation (Used as a condition for the Session exam)
9Final Assignment Examination (Prepared/Processed a week before the examination)Technical Final Assignment Examination, please follow the following Circular klik

Correction of the SPECIAL Circular The list of Academic Achievements directly uses the Best Transcript from SIAP. Please download directly from the student account. If there is data that is deemed to need improvement, contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology.

No later than 2 days before the implementation of the (H - 2) trial exam, students participating in the Trial Examination must ensure that the TA Exam schedule is available on the SIAP account. If the trial schedule is not yet available on SIAP, please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology.
10Minutes of Graduation (BAK)

Graduation requirements documents that must be processed by prospective graduates no later than 30 working days after the trial exam.
Prospective graduates MUST process the following:

1. (Untuk Wisuda)

2. Checking the best Transcript score data in READY (Make sure it is complete and correct). Specifically for the 2012 curriculum, make sure the elective courses are complete, at least 17 courses are available (34 credits). If it is correct and complete, ask for a print to the Secretariat of the Department of Biology. The ratification of the transcript (Academic Achievement List) is validated by the Department for further requesting the Dekan's signature.

3. (Bagi yang menyampaikan permohonan hapus matakuliah saja)

4. Prospective graduates ensure that they have a certificate of submitting scientific articles issued by the Journal Manager (Publication). Final Project Publication in Journals within the Department of Biology and in Journals outside the Department of Biology, students MUST process point 6 (above).

5. Prospective graduates ensure that they have the Minutes of the Final Assignment Examination (TA 9), If the TA 9 is not available, please contact the Department Secretariat.

6. Fill in the data at the link:

(a.) TA endorsement on link , Make sure you have obtained the online approval page (via email) from the Secretariat of the Department of Biology. Please process the TA validation page after the Final Project scores are available on the Transcript (SIAP) and the student has been determined to pass on the SIAP.

(b.) TA Abstract Attestation at link


11Free UKTPlease confirm with the Faculty of Finance.

Biology S1 Study Program students who take a series of Final Projects until graduation (Graduation requirements) are required to process the administrative requirements as listed in the link above. For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Biology (Working Hours). Hopefully useful and always success.




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