Prof. Drs. Sapto Purnomo Putro, M.Si, Ph.D., an expert in aquatic biology and the Chair of the Biology Department at FSM Universitas Diponegoro, has conducted research focusing on the development of software to enhance water resource management in tropical lake and coastal ecosystems. This research not only delves into the technical aspects of software development but also examines environmental impacts, particularly concerning the macrobenthic structure and nutrient waste levels.

The primary objective of this research is to assess environmental impacts, specifically on the macrobenthic structure related to nutrient waste levels. To achieve this goal, Prof. Sapto and his team applied biomonitoring, a crucial approach in assessing disturbances in freshwater and marine ecosystems. Consequently, this research significantly contributes to environmental conservation efforts, the preservation of biological resources, and the maintenance of aquatic environmental sustainability.

One of the key benefits of this research is the scientific information obtained, particularly in the development of biomonitoring using macrobenthic structures related to organic enrichment due to anthropogenic activities in Lake Rawapening and Pulau Menjangan Besar. The findings provide a better understanding of the complexity of aquatic environments, employing software based on abiotic-biotic relationships, bioindicator groups of macrobenthics, and multimetric indices to assess environmental disturbance levels.

The research also has a positive impact by providing an innovative commercial product in the form of software. This software is designed to determine the conditions of freshwater (lake) and marine environments, contributing to those involved in water resource management.

Several research findings note a lower total abundance of macrobenthic communities in Teluk Awur compared to Karimunjawa waters. The study also reveals that the Ntotal factor has the most significant influence on the dynamics of macrobenthic structure.

Prof. Sapto, as a researcher and the Chair of the Biology Department, hopes that his research will make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of science and technology in aquatic biology. With a focus on software development and a deeper understanding of aquatic environments, this research is expected to pave the way for innovations and concrete steps in the preservation and improved management of water resources.



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