in an effort to realize the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program, the S1 Biology study Program opens services for students who are members of MBKM activities. Permendikbud No. 3 of 2020 gives students the right to study for 3 semesters outside their study program. Through this MBKM program, there are wide opportunities for students to develop and improve their insights and competencies in the real world in accordance with their passions and ideals. Development can take place anywhere, the space for learning is currently open and unlimited only in classrooms, libraries and laboratories, but also in villages, industries, places of work, places of Service, research centers, even in the community.

Students participating in MBKM carry out activities outside the campus in various forms of activities which include categories of Education, Research, Development in education units, Research, Business Development, Village Development. While during the MBKM, the Study Program provides an understanding of how to calculate credits performed by the Mbkm Study Program Team. Students who participate in the MBKM program can not only improve hard skills but also soft skills, but are also expected to develop new abilities to become future-ready human resources, build relationships with independent campus partners, and become future leaders who improve society.

Biology study Program provides MBKM services for students through a special menu on the website as follows :

Student participation in MBKM activities will be an important achievement for the Biology study Program, namely meeting the target of key performance indicators (IKU) which are periodically applied to the Faculty of Science and Mathematics and Diponegoro University. It is expected that biology students involved in participating in MBKM activities can obtain the knowledge needed in the Biology study Program.



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