The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) or better known as “Lalat Tentara Hitam” turns out to have important potential for the development of entopreneurship-based entrepreneurship. BSF larvae and often known as” Maggot ” turned out to have benefits as decomposers of organic matter (composting), animal feed, chitin source, oil producer and frass/ fertilizer. In order to improve students ‘ understanding and competence in the field of entrepreneurship, especially those related to the field of insect biology studies, the Department of Biology on Friday (30/9) held an Online scientific discussion series 7 with the theme “Entopreneurship-based entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges : Maggot cultivation prospects”. This activity presents specifically competent resource persons in the field of Entopreneurship, namely Andre Dian Permana, S.Si, MM. He is the president director of PT. Solusi Prima Caraka Bandung.

Chairman of the Department of Biology FSM Undip, Prof. Drs. Sapto Purnomo Putro, M.Si, Ph.D during the speech session expressed appreciation for the implementation of Online scientific discussion activities which specifically raised the theme of challenging biological agents, namely Maggot. This Maggot can be used as a material for industry which is also a solution to the waste problem in the surrounding environment.

This series 7 Online scientific discussion activity was attended by hundreds of Biology Department students and several participants from the general public. The enthusiasm of the participants appeared during the discussion session. Andre Dian Permana as the speaker of the discussion gave an explanation on each participant’s question in great detail. Some things that had become the subject of discussion were about maggot bioconversion into several fertilizer products, animal feed and even potential as maggot flour that supports the development of the food sector. Discussions about optimizing waste processing also surfaced considering that this Maggot functional in the environment also has a role as a waste decomposer.

This Online scientific discussion series 7 is a series of activities of the Department of Biology which is formatted in the form of public lectures in the hope of adding insight and scientific development in the field of Biology.



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