Information submitted to all biology students from 2018 and earlier generations who took (or repeated) semester I Beg to make the attention that:

  1. Students attending coursework MUST fill the list by the prevailing mechanisms.
  2. The course of the semester I (plant morphology, Animal anatomy, basic Biology I, environmental sciences, cell biology, basic chemistry, etc.) fill up the list of attending lectures implemented using READY (SSO) (while this is special for students generation 2019).
  3. Biology students 2018 and earlier who repeat the course semester I (point 2) please continue to fill the list of lecture manual (print) that has been available in Dekanat Lt I. Each lecture implementation so that there are student representatives who take attended the lecture list to be brought to the classroom. Students to ensure his name is entered on the attending list of the appropriate SIA (old investigation) and the COMPULSORY class fills if the student still finds a problem with the list of names and classes please contact the Department of Biology Secretariat (soon). Although the student who repeats only 1 person remains obliged to fill the list of present, if the list document present is not available please contact the Department of Biology secretariat.

Thus, this information please is assisted by share with all biology students.


Department of Biological secretariat