Biological Research, especially in the field of Plant Tissue Culture Studies, currently has good prospects in contributing to the development of Plant Science. It is known that today Plant Tissue Culture has been widely developed on a home industrial scale. Generally, Plant Tissue Culture on a home industry scale is used for the production of horticultural plant seeds and many are also done by orchid enthusiasts. Along with this phenomenon, Plant Tissue Culture Research in biology FSM Undip is increasingly showing an increase in interest from students. In the current resource condition, the Laboratory of plant structure and function biology that manages Plant Tissue Culture Research is still quite capable of facilitating students for research and practicum in the biology environment of FSM Undip.

The Department of Biology has 2 lecturers who intensively conduct research in the field of Plant Tissue culture, namely Dr. Yulita Nurchayati, S.Si, M.Si and Dr. Nintya Setiari, S.Si, M.Si. They actively collaborated to develop the study of plant tissue culture to produce works in the form of publications and also managed to deliver dozens of biology students to complete the final project. Recorded 10-12 students join in Plant Tissue Culture research every year.

Dr. Yulita as a plant tissue culture researcher said that in the future it is expected that the Undip Biology Department will be able to develop Plant Tissue Culture Research even better. Some of the things that are being prepared at this time include the study of Plant Tissue culture that leads to micropropagation which includes shoot culture, somatic embryogenesis, meristem culture etc. The study of conservation of orchids and rare plants is also very prospective to be developed. The study of exploration and production of natural materials include cell suspense culture, callus culture and hairy root culture. Plant tissue culture is also very potentially developed in the aspect of plant breeding studies as well as contributing to the solution of food crop problems, drought-resistant crops and other issues.

Biology students of FSM Undip who are interested in studying plant tissue culture can communicate with the research team at the plant structure and function Biology Laboratory which is currently managed by Prof. Dr. Endah Dwi Hastuti, M.Si along with the team.



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