in order to improve the understanding of biology students on the prospects and applications of cell and Tissue Culture, the Department of Biology on Monday (19/9) held a public lecture with the title of Online scientific discussion Series 5. This activity presents 2 speakers who are competent in the field of cell and tissue culture, namely Dr. Rizkita Rachmi Esyanti from the College of Life Sciences Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Febby Nurdiya Ningsih, M.Sc from the Riser body and innovation.

The online scientific discussion series 5 using the Zoom meeting facility was attended by more than 350 participants from the biology department students, lecturers and several invitations from the general public. The event was opened by the head of the Department of Biology Prof. Drs. Sapto Purnomo Putro, M.Si, Ph.D. In his speech, Prof. Sapto gave appreciation for the implementation of this series 5 Online scientific discussion because it raised a special theme, namely about the application of Biological Sciences, especially in the field of cell and Tissue Culture Studies. It is hoped that this activity will be able to add insight to the academic community of the Department of biology related to the development of research and produce better innovations in the future.

Specifically Dr. Rizkita Rachmi Esyanti presented material about Tissue Culture for seed supply and secondary metabolites: development with bioreactor. The first speaker was guided by moderator Dr. Yulita Nuchayati, M.Si. while the second speaker namely Febby Nurdiya Ningsih, M.Sc presenting material on preparation and maintenance of cell line and its application in drug compound activity test. The second speaker was guided by the moderator, Dr. Great Janika Sitasiwi, M.Si. In the process of exposure of the two materials further encourage enthusiastic and active participants in the discussion session guided by the moderator.

This Online scientific discussion activity is organized by the Department of biology as part of a series of agendas and work programs, especially related to the implementation of Public Lectures at the Department of Biology and is expected to increase insight and development of research innovation for students and lecturers and contribute to the development of Science for the general public.



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